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Make the spookiest, ookiest, kookiest, CREEPIEST collages with my custom collage kits! This digital kit has 120+ elements PLUS 12 backgrounds from my personal archive of collage ephemera. Your kit will be sent to your email inbox as a PDF. This is not a physical item until *you* print it at home!

These images have been collected and curated over the years by yours truly, and many have been customized (read: frankensteined to hell and back in Photoshop) by me. This bundle also comes with a bonus PDF zine that’s chock full of tips and tricks, printing information, and a list of my favorite collage tools.

I’ve found that I’m most creative when I limit the number of possibilities available to me when I’m collaging- what’s more terrifying than a blank page and stacks of old magazines full of hundreds of images? THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS! These themed kits are designed to coax out your most creative ideas and be combined in a limitless number of spooky ways, all while giving you some helpful constraints. Please tag me in your creations- I can’t wait to see what you make 😈


Not intended for commercial use.

Digital Collage Kit: Halloween

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