Identity Crisis Volume 2- Zine

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Identity Crisis Volume 2- Zine


Identity Crisis began as a series exploring characters: an astronaut, a vampire, an unidentifiable green lady, et cetera. It was about experimenting with creating distinct themes and environments around these characters, and creating a visual world for them to live in. As I’ve expanded this series to include 14 individual self portraits, I’ve realized that creating these images has taken on a new role: escape. Dressing up, doing drag, playing characters- whatever you want to call it- has become an escape for me: from work, school, responsibilities, the confines of a “personal brand” and preconceived notions of what my work (and myself, honestly) should be. I’ve found freedom in my work through putting on makeup, creating sets, and getting messy. 

This book includes parts one and two of Identity Crisis, as well as some of my sketches, notes, and ephemera from the series. 

1 saddle stitched zine including...
-14 original art pieces (includes each portrait from Identity Crisis Volume 2, an artist statement, and collaged ephemera from the series)
-5x4.25 inches 
-An immeasurable dose of more WACKY! FUN! ART!

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