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LANY @ Shaky Knees Fest

HEY O! I haven't posted on this here blog since January! Holy cow! But it is for good reason-- I launched Sonic Blume, my zine baby, in April, and am still shooting lots for Rookie (which I still love so much!). 

A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to shoot Shaky Knees- a 3 day long festival here in Atlanta- for Rookie, and I came across SO much awesome new music, including one of my new favorite bands, LANY

As I said in my piece for Rookie, I checked their set out solely on the basis of my pal (and LANY's best hype woman, imo) Lauren's recommendation, and they totally lived up to the hype! Their set corresponded perfectly with a gorgeous sunset, and the mix of their atmospheric, synth-y, electro-pop made for the coolest vibe. I shot so many photos during their set (and wasn't able to include more than a couple in the final piece!), so I wanted to share the rest of 'em here. 

Enjooooyyyy + check out LANY on Spotify!

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