light leaks

Film Love!

As much as I love shooting digitally- taking countless images and being able to quickly edit and post them online- nothing will match the excitement of getting back rolls of negatives full of photos documenting tidbits of my life. I always try to take a couple of behind the scenes film photos during most shoots, as well as to document the occasional concert or get together with friends or family. I like to have at least a few film shots from each season, so it's easy to accumulate a LOT of undeveloped film- especially when you don't have someone to develop it for you (and don't want to pay for it).

So, a couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and took 5 rolls of film (spanning from summer 2013- now) to be developed. It was so much fun to look through them and find shots that I didn't even remember taking, as well as happy mistakes, like light leaks and color changes.

You can view my favorite shots from these rolls below.