Cam / July 2016

I met up with my internet (and now IRL!) pal, Camille, a few weeks ago and we shot a buuuunch of photos of each other around Atlanta. She's a mega talented photographer from Baton Rouge and I LOVED HANGIN' WITH HER. I'm convinced that we're kindred spirits. 

I shot a roll of expired (only by 3ish months) Porta film in a Canon Rebel G, and edited them in Lightroom <3 These are a few of my favorites from the set. 

Gabby // January, 2015

film: kodak portra 400 + kodak gold 200 

dress // forever 21

leggings // urban outfitters

socks // topshop

shoes // doc martens

model is G. Grant

Late Summer Film

I recently got my film from late summer developed- here are a few of my favorite shots.

Shot on a Canon Rebel G with Lomography Color Film. 

Film Love!

As much as I love shooting digitally- taking countless images and being able to quickly edit and post them online- nothing will match the excitement of getting back rolls of negatives full of photos documenting tidbits of my life. I always try to take a couple of behind the scenes film photos during most shoots, as well as to document the occasional concert or get together with friends or family. I like to have at least a few film shots from each season, so it's easy to accumulate a LOT of undeveloped film- especially when you don't have someone to develop it for you (and don't want to pay for it).

So, a couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and took 5 rolls of film (spanning from summer 2013- now) to be developed. It was so much fun to look through them and find shots that I didn't even remember taking, as well as happy mistakes, like light leaks and color changes.

You can view my favorite shots from these rolls below.

New York Film Gallery

Here's a gallery of my film photos from NYC/Coney Island June 4th-9th. I only shot film the entire trip, which if you know me, was very different than my usual habit of taking literally hundreds of digital photos (and never getting around to editing them). I'm so pleased with the results though that I may start shooting film more often.

Canon Rebel G with one roll of c-41 Lomography film (which I am in love with) and the other was a random roll of Kodak color film I found, I can't remember what it was called.

Click the thumbnail to enlarge the photo.