Free Download! *Celestial Wallpapers*

I've been dabbling in design a good bit lately-- making album art, posters, and graphics for my zine Sonic Blume, amongst a few other projects-- so when my editor at Rookie, Lena, asked me to make a background for their website this month (the theme is INFINITY and centers a bunch around space :')), I obviously said yes. 

After a little while of floundering around in Photoshop, I whipped up a couple of options I liked and turned 'em into patterns using the "Define Pattern" + "Pattern Overlay" options (I should probably start making some DIYs for things like this!) and I wanted to share them with ya on this blog for yr viewing pleasure + use as ~wallpapers~ for yr ~devices~. Right click to save 'em, or hold down if you're on yr phone. 

Here's the one that ended up being used on the site...

for yr phone!

for yr computer!

And the pattern that didn't get used but is still cute 2 me. 

phone! phone! phone!

thanks 4 letting me throw my art at u! They're def not perfect, but I wanted to share 'em anyway <3