Hey Violet x Savana!!

A couple months ago I got an email from the sweet-as-heck Hey Violet team asking to make some cover art for their incredible new EP, "Brand New Moves" (you can, and should, give the title track a listen here. The video is amazing too!), and I obviously said yes! Since, I've also created a show poster and a couple more visuals for them-- I'm totally obsessed with their style and so stoked to be working with a band in this capacity. 

You can snag the EP (with art by moion iTunes now! Yay good music! Yay art!


The H.V. camp was kind enough to let me shoot some live photos of their killer set in Atlanta on their current tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and they were excelllllent! They're such a fun live band. When I initially went to edit these I sort of freaked out and went like, FULL THROTTLE MAXIMALISM, with a bunch of papers and adjustment layers....which was a mistake. I asked my mom why they sucked so much and she deadpanned and was like, "because you're trying too hard." And so I paired down and only went a little wild, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out! Moral of the story is: yeah, I guess less can be more, but only sometimes. 


ANYWAY! Check out the ~pics~ below, preorder that sick H.V. EP I was talkin' about, and go see them on tour, dangit!