Film Photo Diary: Summer/Fall 2017

I finally got around to scanning and editing some film from this summer and fall and am self publishing because I wanna post them NOW! These span over a few months and cover a family trip to New Orleans (my first time!), an NYC trip for DragCon and friends, and a bunch of other fun rando moments. Shot half on a disposable and half on a Canon Rebel G. 

Captions show up when you click on the pictures and mouse over 'em. Enjoy!

Potty Mouth / March 2017

I went to see one of my new fav bands, Potty Mouth, at the brand-new Masquerade (RIP 695 North Ave I miss u) and snapped some photos too. They are a KILLER band and you should listen to them (and also to their podcast, which I did the artwork for!) <3 <3 <3 

now pics!

Behind the Scenes for Nylon Japan

Recently, the Japanese edition of one of my FAVORITE MAGS EVER, Nylon, reached out to me asking me to shoot a six-page fashion spread. Obviously I said yes, recruited a bunch of friends to work on it with me, and did the dang thing. 

This is probably the most work I've put in on a shoot thus far and I'm so proud of the way everything came out (not to mention the stupidly amazing work my friends and mom did), so I wanted to share a little bit of behind-the-scenes info to 1. let you in on some of the magic and 2. document and file away for my brain's organizational purposes. 

So here we gooooo!

My mom is my photo wing-woman 4ever, so I ran home from college the day before this shoot to design the set. My mom has a KILLER eye for things like this (she found that tinsel, helped dye the sheet, and supplied alllll of those silk flowers), and is also somehow very very good at making giant clouds (not pictured yet). We were up until 2 am creating this in our foyer and obviously had to snap a commemorative picture before we tore it all down. 

The next morning I hauled all of this PLUS the lovely clothes from Clothing Warehouse (my fav Atlanta vintage spot + workplace of a lot of rlly sweet people <3) in my lil car back to my school, where we did the shoot. 

If you've looked closely at almost any of my photos, you know that I generally don't worry too much about makeup (LOL) because by the time that I'm ready to shoot, I'm thinking about the pictures. Hopefully that makes sense. But for this shoot I recruited my angel makeup god pal Armando (he put all of the makeup details on his Insta if you're into that sorta thang) to collab with me on the makeup, and he came up with some really beautiful #looks for Kristen (another litero angel who MODELED FOR ME AH!). They worked on the makeup in my dorm while Kenedee (my rooooommate who graciously assisted this shoot) helped me haul everything in and set up in the studio. 

To make a long, exhausting, story short, we ended up shooting this in a classroom. Which was kind of perfect because of the amount of STUFF I had. Ken took that Instax shot of me #perched in the final set- which I'm obsessed with still. I told ya'll my mom is a cloud god. 

Like I said earlier, I'm very very very grateful to the Clothing Warehouse team for letting us borrow clothes for this (aside from like, the actual shoot, I felt very cool walking down the street in Little 5 Points carrying a dry cleaner's bag full of sparkly clothes), they were PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL and totally brought my vision to life. Pretty clothes 4ever. The pieces in the above picture are actually mine (I don't know HOW, granted the CW picks greatly outnumbered mine, but you know)- the shirt was hand painted by moi the night before, sparkly dress from Goodwill (my home), and the star dress is from Little White Lies (by way of Hello Holiday) and I actually wore it to prom. Prom was bad so I was happy to give it a new, more glamorous life in this shoot. 

I love this picture I snapped of Armando adjusting Kristen's clothes because 1. she looks like a doll, even from the back (HOW?) and 2. I think it encapsulates Armando's whole deal. I love my friiiiiends. 

Lots of BTS makeup pictures were taken. (Top from Clothing Warehouse, shorts are mine from Buffalo Exchange).

I also love these of cloud-mom Kristen and frat boy Kristen. Get u a model who can do both.

These shoes from Clothing Warehouse were probably the stars of this shoot- look at those lil GOLDFISH!!! They're by a brand called Fantasma and they are everything to me. Socks from Target. 

And everyone tried them on, because how could you not.

Not much to say here besides that we (Armando) really wanted this Walk-Like-an-Egyptian-but-Make-it-Fashion pose to work out. But sadly it didn't. (This is not to detract from Armando's posing skills- I don't know how he does it but he is really really good. He set up maybe 3/4 of the shots that worked out and I am forever indebted to him for that lol.)

We shot about three makeup looks for this and I love 'em all. Like I said before, Armando tagged all of the brands/products he used on his Instagram so I'd highly recommend looking at those if you're into doll-from-space beauty looks. 

Aw aw group picture. We all look busted and tired because we were busted and tired- we worked for about 6 hours in total (which I know isn't a lot compared to most fashion shoots but like was a lot of work for us, K?). After this we hauled allll of the props and set magic to my car, Ken and I went back to the dorm, stared into space for two hours, and then watched Gaga on the Superbowl. True!

I am so so happy that these photos are out in the world (my BABY!) and in like, an IRL print magazine. Thank you x1,000,000,000 to Nylon Japan for trusting me with 6 pages and a lot of creative freedom, and Clothing Warehouse for the perfect wardrobe. And THE HUGEST THANK YOU to all of my friends (and mom!) who helped out with this- I would've been toast without everyone's help. 

YAY! You can grab a copy here, if you're so inclined. It says it'll deliver to the US, but I'll post an Amazon US link when I find one, too. I'm so excited to see it IRL, and will be posting about it on my Instagram, as always. 



JAXRENEE / November 2016

Shot some images (and some video that I'm working on! yay for trying new things!) with my new pal/killer musician JAXRENEE the other night, and I love the way they turned out. She has such killer style and was a great model so this was a real fun collab. Take a look at the photos below (doy) and listen to Jax's tunes HERE

also, some technical stuff: I shot these all on a Canon 6D (as per usual) and the swirly lights were created by layering my trusty h0les lens, a weird tiny blue filter that I scored for $5 at a camera store, a sparkle filter and my prism in different combos. I also went nuts in Lightroom with colors because I can! 

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Ladiesnite 2k16 / Mammal Gallery Atlanta

A few weeks ago I attended a sweet event called Ladiesnite at the Mammal Gallery in Atlanta- it was a 15+ (I believe!) band event showcasing female and non-binary musicians. I, as well as a bunch of people I'm sure, get super frustrated and honestly just tired of seeing show lineups that solely showcase cishet male musicians, so Ladiesnite was a killer way to get to know some amazing Atlanta-based musicians that I can relate to in some capacity (hi!).

My friends and I didn't get to stay for the entire event, but I did manage to snap some photos in the couple of hours that we were there-- I'll add in links to the artists' socials so that you can have a listen (just click on any photo of an artist to get to their page!).


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Armando / October 2016

Shot a few photos of my pal Armando on the top of a parking deck with a really sweet view of the city. I wanted a really dreamy ~editorial~ look, so I used a h0les Eyewear lens, a sparkle filter (like this), and a run-of-the-mill prism. We also made use of some cool spotlights on top of the building. I played around with the angles that I (and a couple of other really patient friends) held the filters and prisms in front of the camera and was able to get some really cool effects. 

Thanks to Armando for modeling and to Kristen and Ken for assisting and making a lil cameo! <3